What's this all about?

One way leaders of religious and ethical communities can help address the climate crisis is by speaking out as a group. By speaking across religious lines about their shared commitment to addressing climate change, these leaders demonstrate that climate change is not merely a scientific, technological, or political problem, but an ethical challenge to all of humanity.

Does signing this letter commit me to anything?

The only thing it commits you to is standing up publicly in recognition that human-caused climate change is one of the biggest moral challenges facing the human race today. Different people choose different actions in response to that moral challenge, and we certainly encourage signers to consider which responses they feel are most appropriate for themselves and the communities they serve.

Will I be deluged with emails if I sign this?

Absolutely not. We do send out occasional updates with useful information for clergy, and opportunities to take action. These might include sample sermons or service programs, or examples of worship aids or Sunday school curricula that various clergy have found helpful. You can unsubscribe at any time by contacting the project's manager.

I'm a retired clergy member, can I still sign?

Yes, retired clergy, clergy between positions, and clergy in training are leaders in their communities and are looked to for ethical and spiritual guidance, and are all encouraged to make their voices heard through this letter. We would encourage clergy who are not presently attached to a congregation to list your last congregation's address when signing if you are still in the community, or to sign using your own mailing address if you no longer live near your former congregation or are not still active in that congregation.

I'm not a clergy member, can I still sign?

We encourage you to get involved with the climate change efforts of the National Center for Science Education but this particular letter is specifically for clergy. Before we add a name to the public list, we confirm that the signer is really a clergy member, so non-clergy shouldn't try adding themselves to this letter. Contact us and we'll find other ways for you to get involved.

Why isn't my denomination listed?

There are a few possibilities. The denominations listed reflect the people who already signed. If no one from your denomination has signed, then they won't show up. The solution: recruit clergy from your denomination!

The denominations listed on the signup page are based on a few different sources, especially the list of major religious groups published at Adherents.com, and surveys curated by the Association of Religious Data Archives. We listed the largest groups to keep the signup process simple, and to make it possible to easily understand the published statistics. If you believe we made an error, please contact us.

I signed the letter and now my information is out of date or inaccurate. What do I do?

Contact us and we'll update your record.